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In the Kitchen

A plan for Bert’s kitchen has been drawn up to establish the logistics of filming a food show. 

The biggest concern is the limited space and the problems that come with that. Luckily, with this show being made by a crew of two (one on camera and one on sound) and also the regional setting (a modern flat just outside of Manchester) these attributes outweigh the cons. It is important to utilise the space available though to maintain as high a picture quality as possible.

Above is the plan for where would be best for the camera operator to be positioned in order for Bert to present whilst cooking and presenting (remembering that there is no central work top in his kitchen). Obviously the sound (boom mic) operator must remain out of sight of the camera whilst also being able to point the shotgun mic at Bert’s mouth. Standing in the position detailed above should allow for this (holding it above the camera operator).

Complete control of the lighting is something afforded to studio based food shows and also those filmed in luxuriously large TV chef’s home kitchens. The plan above shows the proposed lighting set up for keeping a continuos controlled light on the subject, whilst also lighting the room and accentuating the food being prepared.

A perception, one of first and most popular videos. This was a key lesson in storytelling technique, we went out on a normal day with no plans other than to ‘look’ for a story and we found one. From then we just got creative and had fun. What we were left with was a beautiful conceptual story with poignant overtones and issues raised for discussion. True visual storytelling.

Hello. We’re Bedroom studio and we love films.

We started out as two enthusiastic film students a couple of years ago and we have grown together as filmmakers since then. To learn more about us as a collective or individually then please feel free to browse our ‘About us’ page. 

We strive to tell engaging stories in a variety of forms including short films and documentaries, while staying true to our visual needs through the use of captivating visuals.